AlgoLab is a cloud-based trading platform that plugs into your brokerage account and executes your trading ideas using AI.

Automatically and flawlessly.

You might be the next George Soros or Ray Dalio. Inside each of us resides a veritable trading genius. All the best traders go to great lengths to equip themselves with the best information and best trading tools available.

Navigating the crazy and chaotic markets out there is difficult. There is so much information to process and we all know timing is everything. Make a wrong move or make a good move at the wrong time could spell disaster. The AlgoLab Intelligent Trade Execution Platform gives us an edge - the edge we need to be better traders. Examples why:


  • Let's say that you feel that increasing electric car sales will put downward pressure on oil prices. You want to short crude oil, but are unsure about when to sell. At what price? Get that wrong and you could lose your shirt. 

  • Or maybe you think that the stock market is too high and you want to buy gold to hedge your stock portfolio value. When do you buy gold? How much? What price? Buying gold just before the price crashes would be a disaster.

  • Or perhaps you think that the recent weather turmoil could cause a spike in the price of corn, and you would like to speculate by buying corn futures. When do you execute your long corn position? Which contract do you buy? What's the best price?


AlgoLab was developed to guide you through the confusion and complexity of today's financial markets. AlgoLab’s intelligent trade entry and exit algorithms empower you to be more effective in executing your trading ideas.



ALGOLAB IS 100% CLOUD BASED which plugs into your Interactive Brokers trading account. Use your personal AlgoLab dashboard to configure your trading preferences. When you are ready to trade, turn it on and AlgoLab will intelligently execute trades according to your settings.


Here's how AlgoLab executes your trading strategy:

  1. ​Choose a market(s) to trade from our library of 20 futures markets in the following categories:

    • Energy

    • Metals

    • Agriculture

    • Foreign Currencies

    • Stock Indexes

  2. Choose a bias: long or short, or both.

  3. Choose a trade entry and exit strategy from a selection of highly researched and extensively tested algorithms. For example, enter trades on a breakout from a trading range, or use a trend-following strategy that executes when your market is making new lows or highs.

  4. Choose how aggressive you wish to trade by selecting the number contracts/trade. This is often referred to as leverage.

  5. Test your choices over a multi-year period before pulling the trigger by back-testing your strategy using our powerful back-testing engine "Performance Viewer".

  6. When you are ready to trade, turn AlgoLab on, and it will automatically scan your selected markets, pulling new trading signals from our server. When your specified conditions have been met, AlgoLab initiates a position for you, then exits your trade when optimal profit levels have been met, or dynamic stop-loss levels have been triggered (depending on your settings).

    You can even manually exit any position with the push of a button on your AlgoLab dashboard. Yes, you can even do it all from your smartphone.

    AlgoLab takes care of contract expirations, minimum margin requirements, stop loss protection and way more. Basically all the technical details so you can get on with that trading genius thing.

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Visit your AlgoLab dashboard page to view the status of your account, and to change trading settings.


Test your ideas before risking your capital

AlgoLab trades highly leveraged future markets, which offers the distinct advantage of accurate control over leverage being used. You control the amount of leverage you want to use by specifying a "leverage" value to your AlgoLab, with higher leverage values generating greater returns, but also larger potential drawdowns (losses), and lower leverage values generating smaller returns, but along with reduced drawdowns (losses).

To learn more about average returns and drawdowns resulting from various investment amounts, leverage settings and your specific trading settings before your risk your capital, you can run your own backtest of any AlgoLab entry and exit strategy by clicking on the "Performance Viewer" tab on your AlgoLab dashboard.

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