Your discretionary ideas

+ AlgoLab's algorithms

= a powerful combination.

Visit your AlgoLab dashboard page to view the status of your account, and to change autotrading settings.

TAKE MANUAL CONTROL OF ALGOLAB'S AUTOMATED TRADING. Although AlgoLab does everything for you using the default settings, you can "take the controls" if you want with an AlgoLab Pro subscription. Here a few of the AlgoLab custom settings at your disposal:

  • Pause trading

  • Adjust leverage (risk) for each symbol

  • Manually close a trade

  • Change the symbols being traded

  • Change the trading system

  • Trade only on certain days of the week

  • Automatically follow any other AlgoLab account with AutoFollow

  • View all AlgoLab dashboard pages.

AlgoLab Pro tools allow you to "game the algo" by combining our expert objective algorithmic trading signals with your smart discretionary intervention.

FOLLOW THE LEADER Although AlgoLab's fully automated trading system has been designed to provide optimal profits while minimizing drawdowns using the default settings, some of our users have taken full advantage of the pause button, risk adjustments, custom symbol sets, and manual trade exits to take manual control of their AlgoLab algorithms.


Now you can set your AlgoLab to automatically MIRROR ANY ACCOUNT using our new AutoFollow feature. See an account that is outperforming? Auto-Follow them and your account will mirror theirs.

SEE ALL ALGOLAB DASHBOARD PAGES  Gain full access to every single AlgoLab account via the "Accounts" tray in your dashboard. Sort all AlgoLab accounts by 1 month, 3 month, 1 year or total return. Learn by following other Pro accounts.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 3.22.58 PM.png

SET CUSTOM LEVERAGE VALUES FOR INDIVIDUAL SYMBOLS  With custom symbol leverage you can set higher or lower leverage levels for any symbol or symbols that you want. For example, if you are expecting a possible stock market crash, you might want to set your stock index symbols to short only, with higher leverage (within your max leverage subscription settings).


All AlgoLab Pro custom settings can be tested using the Performance Viewer.

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The brains behind AlgoLab's magic are AlgoLab's trading systems. With an AlgoLab Pro account, you can inspect the performance characteristics of all of AlgoLab's various trading strategies using the Performance Viewer, and then select the strategy that meets your objectives. AlgoLab Pro users will have early access to new systems that were previously in the beta testing stage.



Down load our free eBook "Disruptig Wall Street"

If you are interested in detailed information on how the AlgoLab trading algorithms are designed, download a free copy of our new book "Disrupting Wall Street" written by AlgoLab's inventor and founder Greg Kolodziejzyk. 

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THE ALGOLAB PRO TESTDRIVE  includes a "paper trading" (simulated funds) brokerage account at Interactive Brokers where AlgoLab will go to work automating your trades. There is no risk and the simulated paper trading account is just like the real thing. Fill in the form below and "submit", and we will do everything else to set up your new simulated AlgoLab account.