WHAT is AlgoLab School? AlgoLab is fully automated, and can be very easy to use, but to truly realize AlgoLab's value is to unlock it's powerful customizable features. In this 3 hour webinar, you will learn:

  • about algorithmic trading

  • how AlgoLab places trades in your IB account

  • how to back test AlgoLab's multisystems

  • how to determine what risk value to use

  • what average returns and drawdowns to expect

  • more about the risks involved with trading futures

WHO is AlgoLab school for?

  • New AlgoLab funded users

  • AlgoLab demo users who are considering upgrading to a funded account

  • Old AlgoLab funded users who want to learn more about the AlgoLab trading environment.


WHERE is AlgoLab school? Visit https://join.me/thealgoLab at 8:00 am (mountain time) on Saturday morning.

WHEN is AlgoLab school? Every Saturday morning at 8:00 am (mountain time)

WHY attend AlgoLab school? Attendance at our weekly AlgoLab school webinar is mandatory for all funded AlgoLab users.

WOUTLINE ? Please download this PDF file course outline to follow along during the webinar:

AlgoLab School Course Outline .PDF

WATCH RECORDING OF THE LAST CLASS Here is a video screen recording of a recent AlgoLab School webinar: