is a cloud-based algorithmic trading platform that scans 19 symbols within 5 sectors, automatically executing trades from within YOUR BROKERAGE ACCOUNT.

AlgoLab was developed to trade up or down moves in many different markets - not just stocks. For 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, AlgoLab automatically scans a basket of 19 futures markets including:

  • Energy

  • Metals

  • Agriculture

  • Foreign Currencies

  • Stock Indexes


After positions have been taken, AlgoLab manages your trades until optimal profit levels have been met, or predetermined stop-loss levels have been triggered.



ALGOLAB IS 100% CLOUD BASED. It plugs into your Interactive Brokers trading account and takes control. With the push of a button, you can start or stop autotrading through your dashboard web page, as well as customize your AlgoLab by specifying your amount of trading capital, risk tolerance, symbol library, bias (long or short or both) and your choice of an algorithmic trading strategy from our growing library of trading strategies.

Visit your AlgoLab dashboard page to view the status of your account, and to change autotrading settings.

PATTERN RECOGNITION Every minute of every day, AlgoLab scans through millions of price data points running complex technical analysis algorithms that identify price patterns and other trading opportunities. Typically these patterns predict a new trend breakout. After trading opportunities are identified, signals are sent into your Interactive Brokers trading account on what to buy, when to buy and when to sell.

DIVERSIFICATION AlgoLab leverages its technical edge by trading many non-correlated markets simultaneously - something that would be impossible to do manually. AlgoLab also combines different non-correlated trading strategies together, which when combined with non-correlated markets, results in a non-curve fitted system with a smoother equity curve and reduced risk.

LET PROFITS RUN AlgoLab’s trading algorithms are designed to cut losses short, and let profits run. Historical testing for the last 14 years, and 3 years of real-money trading reveals that larger gains eventually outweigh small losses which will create a smooth, upward sloping equity curve over the years.



AlgoLab trades highly leveraged future markets, which offers the distinct advantage of accurate control over leverage being used. You control the amount of leverage you want to use by specifying a "leverage" value to your AlgoLab, with higher leverage values generating greater returns, but also larger potential drawdowns (losses), and lower leverage values generating smaller returns, but along with reduced drawdowns (losses).

To learn more about average returns and drawdowns resulting from various investment amounts, and leverage settings, run your own backtest of any AlgoLab strategy by clicking on the "Performance Viewer" tab on your free demo dashboard page. Don't have a free demo? Sign up today!

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Down load our free eBook "Disruptig Wall Street"

If you are interested in detailed information on how the AlgoLab trading algorithms are designed, download a free copy of our new book "Disrupting Wall Street" written by AlgoLab's inventor and founder Greg Kolodziejzyk. 

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