AlgoLab Quick Start Video Tutorials


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1. If you have subscribed to a funded version of AlgoLab you will need to CONNECT ALGOLAB to your INTERACTIVE BROKERS account. This step is not required for demo accounts. Enter your AlgoLab PORT #, AlgoLab PASSWORD, your Interactive Brokers USER NAME, and your Interactive Brokers PASSWORD into the field in "Settings > Advanced Settings > Connect to IB Account" at your AlgoLab account dashboard
For FUNDED accounts only, please make sure that you have completed the following "opt out" step prior to making a connection:
Click here to follow a detailed tutorial on how to opt out of security device authentication for trading
2. Preview your profit or loss resulting from different leverage settings using the AlgoLab Performance Viewer Access the Performance Viewer by clicking on the tab at the top of any dashboard page. 
3. Transfer your trading settings to your AlgoLab using your AlgoLab account dashboard
To pause or resume autotrading, use your AlgoLab account dashboard
Changing settings including pausing applies only to AlgoLab FUNDED and AlgoLab PRO demo accounts. AlgoLab FREE TEST DRIVE demo accounts cannot be paused or modified in any way.
Check the status of your account at any time from any browser at your  AlgoLab account dashboard.