We're sorry, but due to our recent growth we are temporarily suspending accepting new AlgoLab software subscriptions.


We want to be able to fully serve those who we are already committed to, and we don't feel that we can adequately do so by taking on more customers at this time.

Until we re-open AlgoLab subscriptions, please subscribe our free no-risk AlgoLab TEST DRIVE simulated account demo and follow our progress. TEST DRIVE subscribers will be given new subscriptions priority when start accepting new subscriptions again.

Please read this document that has some important information about using your funded AlgoLab account:





More information about how return and drawdown estimates are generated.


The return and drawdown estimates used in the Performance Estimator Calculator were generated from historical back tests using the Performance Viewer backtesting web application. AlgoLab uses different trading strategies, called "trading systems", like "SuperSystem", and "Difference Engine", for example. Each trading system will generate a different return and drawdown profile depending on the general conditions of the markets that it is trading at that time. AlgoLab automatically switches between these various trading systems depending upon recent performance. Therefore, the performance estimations generated by the historical backtest above should be considered rough estimates. For a more detailed look at the performance of each individual system, please visit the Performance Viewer web application (PV tab on your dashboard).


Trading performance results used by this calculator are from back-testing systems over a 10 year period, using specific settings, from a basket of different futures contracts. Some performance results shown here could benefit from hind-sight. Results from simulated accounts have certain limitations. Actual results will differ given that simulated results could under, or over compensate the impact of certain market conditions. Actual draw downs could exceed back-testing draw downs when traded on actual trading accounts.  Although the estimated performance metrics produced by this calculator include the cost of slippage, and brokerage commissions, once actual commission, slippage, and fees are considered, actual returns will vary. 

More information about using the leverage value to determine your monthly fee.

Your monthly AlgoLab subscription fee is calculated based on an approximation of the volume of work that the AlgoLab software performs on behalf of the Licensor. An algorithm defining this calculation takes into consideration the total numbers of transactions that are required to be transmitted to Licensor’s broker, and the number of transactions that require management until trades have been exited. Since monthly software subscription fees are not calculated based on the amount of capital in the Licensor’s brokerage account, or on the performance of the Licensor’s trading account, but on the actual number of contracts being traded over time, it is possible that an account with greater capital amount and a lower leverage setting may be charged a monthly fee that is less than the fee charged to an account with a smaller capital amount and a higher leverage setting.​

When you subscribe to AlgoLab with a specified leverage level and capital amount, that leverage level is the maximum leverage level that you will be allowed to set for trading using your dashboard page. Most AlgoLab users never change their leverage level, and can therefore estimate their returns and drawdowns using the results from a back test using the AlgoLab Performance calculator above, or the Performance Viewer backtesting web application. If you add capital, or intend to reinvest your profits, then you will to periodically increase your leverage level.